Pre Wedding Engagement Photo shoot - Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain & Gibrltar

Pre Wedding Shoot / Engagement Sitting

The pre wedding photoshoot is the perfect ice-breaker …. and a great deal of fun

This special portrait session is the perfect opportunity for couples to get to know their photographer and establish that vital rapport essential in helping you achieve the natural looking wedding photographs you want

Generally scheduled as a weekday session, the pre-wedding photo shoot is an informal and fun photo shoot at the location of your choice (depending on your location, some travelling expenses may apply). You will soon see how you can enjoy your photography, and have the chance to experiment with us to find out exactly what works best for you

Our pre wedding photo shoots allow couples to see how we will work together on your wedding day – and in our experience relaxes couples tremendously before the actual wedding day photographs are taken. Of course this also gives us the opportunity to show you some great photography of yourselves as a couple too, which you will love – giving you even more confidence for the wedding day ahead!

By the end of a pre wedding session, we will have a number of images that will become very special to you, marking your engagement period prior to the wedding itself and capturing that special bond between loving couples.  You will have seen how we work, and can look forward to the photography on your wedding day more than ever

Prices start from €95 Euros for a pre-wedding photo session. For more infomation checkout our latest brochure with details of all the packages and options or if you would like to ask more question contact us on oncontacts page HERE

Pre Wedding Photoshoot / Engagement Shoot 29/08/2012