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Jewish Weddings Marbella, Spain – Photography & Videography

Whether it’s Orthodox or Reform, the Jewish wedding ceremony has certain traditions incorporated into both.  As one of the most ancient cultures, these traditions are definitely important in the wedding ceremony.  But don’t worry, it doesn’t get too heavy or serious.  After all, weddings are a celebration, a time of new beginnings and a joining together of families!  Expect to celebrate.

The Jewish Wedding ceremony.  Ancient and modern meet.

The preparation starts well before the wedding day itself.  Aufruf or the “call up” signifies the couple being called to the Torah for a blessing by the Rabbi.  The guests gathered here will throw sweets at the couple in the hope that their live together will also be sweet.  On the day of the wedding many couples decide to fast until their first meal after the ceremony.  This is a cultural belief in the wedding day being one of forgiveness.  These customs can be part of the celebration in Spain or before. 

Once the big day arrives, there are more traditions that are an integral part of the Jewish wedding celebration.

  • The bedeken or veiling is when the groom veils his bride and signifies that his love goes beyond her beauty.  It also recalls the moment in the Bible when Jacob was tricked into marrying the sister of the woman he loved because she was veiled.
  • The walk to the Chuppah or altar where, traditionally, both bride and groom are accompanied by both sets of parents with the groom leading this small procession.
  • Once at the Chuppah, the vows are taken.  The Chuppah is an centre focus of the whole ceremony.  It has four pillars, sometimes held by four guests and with a cover or roof to represent the home that the couple will share.  It is decorated with flowers and possibly a prayer shawl.  It is a stunning centre piece for photos.
  • The circling ritual.  The bride will circle her groom seven times and according to belief this could be to protect from evil of forming a new family circle.
  • The ring exchange.  A plain band of silver, gold, platinum originally part of the marriage settlement is exchanged.  A tradition that is shared in the Christian faith too.
  • Seven blessings or Sheva B’achot.  These blessings are often given by family members or guests and focus on love and joy.  It allows everyone a direct participation in the ceremony.
  • The Glass breaking.  The groom will stand on a glass in a cloth to symbolise that marriage will have both joy and sorrow or the commitment to be together through everything.
  • “Mazel tov!”  After the glass is broken, all the guests will shout, “Mazel tov” a good luck message to the couple.
  • Yichud or seclusion.  Tradition has it that the couple spend 8 moments in seclusion and share their first meal together though this can be as simple as a slice of a grandparent’s homemade cake.
  • The Hora is the party part with the dancing.  This is not just any dancing but a stylised dance where the guests form a circle.  Seated on chairs, the married couple holding a piece of cloth are lifted into the air.  It’s an exhilarating moment.

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