Bridal Boudoir - Marbella, Spain

Bridal Boudoir ….The Pre Wedding or “Getting Ready” Intimate Photosession

Bridal Boudoir Photography is special type of Boudoir Photography, designed to create a permanent record for your partner-to-be of how beautiful you really are, and how lucky he is to have you as his bride. As with all styles of boudoir photography, Bridal Boudoir Photography images are designed to be intimate and alluring, and often include a range of images in white lingerie, using bridal accessories, as a clear visual link to your wedding day. Brides-to-be arrange a Bridal Boudoir photo-shoot at my studio or pre-wedding on the day, and are photographed in whatever intimate and sensual style they choose, and purchase a printed and bound album of the images, as their wedding present for their partner. In the years to come, as you and your relationship mature, the album will be a constant reminder of your physical beauty and his feelings toward you, when you first married.

Prices start from €195 Euros for a Intimate boudoir photo session. For more infomation checkout our latest brochure with details of all the packages and options or if you would like to ask more question contact us on my contacts page HERE

Bridal Boudoir 29/08/2012