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Meet Gary

Wedding Photographer Gary Tapp - Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain
Wedding Photographer Gary Tapp - Marbella, Costa Del Sol, Spain


Hi my name is Gary and I’m an established versatile wedding photographer and I strive to make your wedding day as relaxed as possible. I am an immersive photographer and I try to make as low an impact on the natural flow of events on your day, so that you can look back and relive your wedding moments.

What sparked your interest in photography? My dad always had a Olympus camera when I was little which I played with and thought was really cool: so it started from an early age but I didn’t really grow until the digital era. I worked in IT from college then, in about 2001 when the first DLSR digital cameras arrived on the market, my interest was sparked again so the two went hand in hand.

Why did you decide to specialise in wedding photography? I started doing wedding photography for friends and family as they kept asking me, as well as the glamour, fashion and commercial, and then when more people started to ask I decided to set up a parallel to my other work.

What is your style? I have a really relaxed reportage & documentary style and approach to a wedding, to make it as informal as possible so the bride, groom and guests also stay relaxed. Obviously if a bride wants it more formal then I can accommodate this but generally the day leans towards a more documentary style.

What do you do when you have a “Bridezilla”? I’m actually quite good with a “Bridezilla”; I’m quite good at calming people and reassuring them that everything will be fine. I tend to find that it’s usually after the wedding that brides are unhappy but I can always fix whatever it is they don’t like. Even if sometimes perhaps I wouldn’t agree, I will always do whatever it takes to make sure the bride is happy.

How do you remain unobtrusive at a wedding? I use longer fast lenses so I can shoot at a distance, and always move around in soft shoes so as not to make too much noise – there’s nothing worse than hearing footsteps during the ceremony. Also I try to use the natural available light as much as possible and don’t use the flash unless I have to or I’m trying to create a dramatic lighting effect. What is it like to capture such special moments for others? I’m really surprised actually at how much I enjoy shooting weddings. I enjoy the challenge and love the satisfaction of capturing a particular person doing something while they aren’t aware I’m taking their picture. Capturing the spirit of the day, a laugh or expression, is what it’s all about.

What do you love the most about your job? Visiting different places up and down the coast and inland and across to Morocco & Portugal – no two weddings are the same so it’s always a challenge which I love.

What do you when you’re not doing your job? I love to travel and scuba dive and have a blast on my sports bike.

Meet Gary 07/12/2012



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